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I used to have all the same questions, and many more but something happened and I decided just to try it. I have been doing it now for many years. I love it so much I decided to do it for a living. I was a nurse with a young family when we decided to break out of our rut, cautiously at first, learning more and more each time.

People, other families and friends started to ask me questions. I loved helping answer questions like: How did you do it? Where did you go? Can you help us plan something? I got calls at strange hours from friends far away who missed a connection, decided to take a side trip, or needed a quick hotel in Venice, Marrakesh, or even West Virginia. I was out of bed and on the internet in a minute. And that is how it all started. I became a travel agent and started my own agency.

I still love every minute of it, whether it is my trip or a client's. But what I love most is working with people who think they are ready to break the mold and stretch their wings.

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